What Type Of A/C System Is Best For Your Home In LaPlace, LA?

When purchasing an air conditioning system the options can seem a bit confusing. What is the difference between a split system and a package system? Is a window unit efficient enough for your needs? How does a zone cooling system work? Knowing the simple answers to these questions can help you determine what system best fits your needs. In this article we will go over the most common types of systems and some things to consider about each. Window Unit Window units are the most affordable … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Help Your A/C Run More Efficiently In Kenner, LA

In hot midsummer weather, it may feel like your air conditioning is constantly running. With each passing hour, your energy bill rises and you may find yourself wondering if there are ways you can help your system run more cost-effectively. There are actually a series of steps you can take to make your A/C more efficient on a day-to-day basis without costing you a dime. Many of these steps will only take a few minutes of your time or a slight tweak of your daily schedule. They will help your … [Read more...]

The Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs In New Orleans, LA

Air conditioners are used daily in the heat of the summer in New Orleans, Louisiana, which can lead to basic wear and tear on your A/C system. Eventually, certain parts may need to be cleaned or replaced to keep the unit running properly. The most common air conditioning repair issues are typically fairly easy to diagnose and fix are often relatively low in cost to address. A professional HVAC technician, like those at Forest Air, can help you with many of these problems and show you basic … [Read more...]

Does Thermostat Positioning In Your Home Really Matter In Reserve, LA?

The short answer is yes. When installing a heating or air conditioning system in your home in Reserve, LA one of the most vital procedures to consider is the position of the thermostat. Whether you are upgrading to a new system in an older home, or building your home and installing the system as a part of the construction process, placing your thermostat in the correct place could save you thousands of dollars in energy costs over the lifetime of your residency in your home. Proper … [Read more...]

How To Use Your Air Conditioning Unit To Alleviate Allergies In Metairie, LA

Metairie and Louisiana, in general, are notorious for outdoor allergies, but did you know that indoor allergies can continue to exasperate allergy issues? Indoor allergens such as dust and mold are a common problem in homes all over the US, but your air conditioner can actually help you alleviate your symptoms. We offer a collection of professional solutions, we'll share a couple of those as well as a few home remedies you can try as well. Professional Solutions Guardian Air: A guardian air … [Read more...]

Does Your A/C System Need Refrigerant?

It's that time again, Summer is just about here. The weather in Louisiana can be brutal and having a reliable air conditioning system in your home or business is paramount. When your air conditioning system isn't blowing as cool as it seems like it should, our customers often wonder "does my system need Freon?" The term "Freon" is actually a trademarked name by Dupont, Freon is actually a refrigerant that comes in multiple types. The most common type of refrigerant in residential A/C systems is … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Need A Programmable Thermostat In New Orleans, LA

There is a lot of talk about programmable thermostats nowadays, and you might be thinking of buying one for your home. A programmable thermostat is readily available on most markets today, but you probably aren’t sure if a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat is for you or not. In New Orleans, a wide range of temperature changes can be experienced throughout the year, thus the need for a good and efficient air conditioning setup. With that being said, will a programmable thermostat be suitable for … [Read more...]

A/C Zoning Control Systems: How Can They Save You Money In New Orleans, LA

A/C zone control systems are heating and air conditioning set-ups that allow you to set specific temperatures for different rooms of the house. There are a variety of reasons that people opt to have a zone control system installed in their home, but one of the most popular reasons is the fact that they can help cut energy costs and save you money. How do they accomplish this, you ask? There are actually many ways a zone control system can help your budget. Prioritize Heating / Cooling Needs … [Read more...]

Tips To Prepare A/C Units For Severe Weather In Gonzales, LA

If you live in Gonzales L.A. you know that severe weather is practically inevitable. No matter how hot the weather gets or how dry the atmosphere becomes, the rain eventually falls bringing with it thunder and lightning. Most people are more than prepared for severe weather, they have their umbrellas, rain coats, rain boots and so on and if the storms get really terrible, we just stay indoors. But what about your A/C units? Your air conditioners by virtue of position are always exposed and as … [Read more...]

Tankless Water Heater 101

Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. A tankless water heater offers many benefits over their traditional counterparts. While there are many advantages to installing a tankless system, Forest Air, LLC is here to tell you that it won't be the right solution for every home and situation. Before purchasing a new water heater, consider the points below in determining whether to go tankless or not. Tankless Water Heater Installation Space Traditional tank water … [Read more...]

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