Why does your home or business need an HVAC security cage?

The short answer is theft. Unfortunately, in today’s society, it’s a real concern.  High scrap metal prices, high demand for scrap metals due to the number of people purchasing cheap metal and robust growth of China and India are major drivers for the rise in this type of theft.

Are the cages easily accessible for required maintenance?

Accessibility is very important to consider when choosing the right security cage and Forest Air, LLC understands that. All our cages are custom fabricated and designed in a manner to make regular maintenance easy. The cage easily opens for service and can be relocked once the service call is complete.

Why are HVAC security cages effective?

Security cages provide both a visual and a physical deterrent to a metal thief. Once a thief sees your cage, they will probably focus their attention on an easier target.

Are HVAC security cages hard to maintain?

Security cages are very low maintenance, though you will need to watch out for rust. If you see your cage beginning to rust; simply apply a little bit of paint to the area. Spray paint does the job,  Rust-o-leum works well.

How much do HVAC security cages cost?

The short answer is it depends. The major variable that can affect the cost is the size and location of the unit. We have very affordable cages starting from $200.00 for average single units and go up into the thousands for large commercial applications. The size and location of your unit, along with the degree of security you require, will determine the cost.

How long does it take to install the HVAC security cage?

This also varies, but normally takes anywhere between 3-5 days on residential units and 7-10 business days for most larger multi-unit commercial installations.

Note: This is just an estimate and may take longer in certain instances.

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