Metairie and Louisiana, in general, are notorious for outdoor allergies, but did you know that indoor allergies can continue to exasperate allergy issues? Indoor allergens such as dust and mold are a common problem in homes all over the US, but your air conditioner can actually help you alleviate your symptoms. We offer a collection of professional solutions, we’ll share a couple of those as well as a few home remedies you can try as well.

trane-cleaneffects-allergiesProfessional Solutions

Guardian Air: A guardian air cell can be installed in your pre-existing air conditioning unit. The cell uses a specialized oxidation process to help eliminate pollutants from the air. A Guardian Air cell can help reduce mold bacteria and viruses, smoke, dust, pollen, and odors. A Guardian Air system works well for both homes and offices. It is ideal for older buildings that may have typical build-ups within the air from aging construction materials. Installing a Guardian Air cell in a newer building can help prevent allergen-causing air pollutants from becoming an issue in the future as well.

REME: A REME system, also known as Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy, also uses a unique oxidizing technique to eliminate pollutants from the air. This system is made with a plasma mechanism that attacks pollutants 24/7, even when a fan is not running. Because of the efficiency of this particular unit, the REME system is great for larger homes and commercial buildings.

Trane Clean Effects: The Trane CleanEffects system has one of the best guarantees on the market with a promise of removing over 99% of harmful particles within the air. This can help you rest assured that harmful bacteria, viruses, and pollutants are truly being eliminated from your home or office. Trane CleanEffects is a ventilation system that helps clean the air, allowing you and your loved ones or coworkers to breathe easier and keep those allergies in check. Trane CleanEffects is only compatible with Trane systems.

Clean Or Change Your Filters: One of the most basic air conditioning maintenance practices is to change your filter every 3 months. Some filters are built simply to be cleaned and reused, so read your manufacturer’s directions for a better understanding of what exactly you need to do with your specific filter. Changing your filter as directed will not only help your air conditioner run more efficiently, it will also help prevent dust and other larger air pollutants from continuing to circulate within your home that might aggravate your allergies.


Home Remedies

Essential Oils: A natural remedy that many families swear by are essential oils. You can add a few drops of different essential oils to your air conditioner’s filter in order to help combat allergy symptoms. Eucalyptus, tea tree, and mint all have properties that help combat congestion and purify the air. Essential oils will not act to eliminate harmful chemicals and pollutants from the air, but they can help you deal with allergy symptoms. Essential oils used within your unit can be especially helpful in combination with one of the three systems mentioned prior. While the professional systems eliminate pollutants within the home, essential oils will help your immune system deal with allergens you may have been subject to outdoors (like pollen from grass and trees).


Allergies are one of the most common medical ailments that individuals face within the US and of course that includes Metairie. Nearly 30% of those who have allergies are under the age of 18. Many parents are not only trying to create an allergy-free environment for themselves within their home, but also for their children. A professional grade solution like the Guardian Air, REME, or Trane CleanEffects systems are the best ways to help create a truly clean air environment in your home or workplace. If you are not ready to invest in one of those alternatives, keeping a clean filter and using essential oils can also be a great way to help combat allergies within your home.